The Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation (DTHF) at the University of Cape Town, in partnership with the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI), invites ambitious African research fellows to undertake adolescent research in an exciting flagship HIV research programme.

Apply now for a fully funded opportunity to contribute to adolescent HIV/TB research, in Cape Town, South Africa.

Applications are open to those involved in a wide range of research disciplines welcome, eg doctors, nurses, counsellors, community engagement staff etc.


  • 12 month Fellowship:
    January 2019 – December 2019
  • 3 x 3 month Fellowship:
    March 2019- May 2019
    April 2019- June 2019
    May 2019- July 2019


Four successful candidates will be given the opportunity to engage in any one of our wide variety of adolescent research projects located throughout greater Cape Town. Projects are include mobile health services, health service modelling, prevention interventions, HIV/TB care and management. This is a fully funded opportunity for the accepted delegates. Fellows have the opportunity to participate in data collection, data analysis, protocol development, engage in ethical issues, assist with research logistics, or develop their own research projects. Each Fellow will be assigned expert mentors,  attend regular research meetings, and participate in journal clubs. Expected outcomes include presenting fellowship work at research meetings, conferences, and/or scientific publication.

Please read the following information carefully before you begin your application.



The following requirements must be met for your application to be considered:

  • Master’s level graduate.Minimum two years’ experience in HIV/TB-related research.
  • 3 months minimum to 12 months maximum stay.
  • African researchers only


  • Interested candidates should complete:
    • An Application Form
      • Including motivation of no more than 100 words to describe specific research interests in adolescent health, how previous training or work has prepared them for the fellowship, and how the fellowship will contribute to future career goals and development.
      • Candidate must indicate their 1st and 2nd choice of fellowship periods from ‘Available Fellowships’ list above.
    • Upload CV

Make sure to save and upload your CV in the following format Name_CV_Date eg FarhaanahFortune_CV_25.10.2018

  • Upload Letter of Reference (from University or Employer)
    • Reference letter from University or Employer.
    • This letter should meet ALL the following requirements:
      • Written in English, signed (original or digital signature) and dated by a third person (your line supervisor)
      • Bear an official letterhead
      • Explicitly support your application and fellowship attendance
      • Mention your name

Make sure to save and upload your reference letter in the following format Name_reference_Date eg FarhaanahFortune_reference_25.10.2018

If you do not submit a letter of reference and support, your application WILL NOT be considered.

  • In an 800 word written assessment on how the Ethical Principals and Benchmarks Pertaining to Multinational Clinical Research Involving Adolescent and Other Vulnerable Populations from the ‘Ethical Issues in Adolescent HIV Research in Resource-Limited Countries’ manuscript applies to your country’s context. If you are unable to access the article email to request the manuscript. Make sure to save and upload your assessment in the following format Name_assessment_Date eg FarhaanahFortune_assessment_25.10.2018

Reference: Ethical Issues in Adolescent HIV Resource-Limited Countries
Bekker,L-G et al. (2014), Ethical Issues in Adolescent HIV Resource-Limited Countries. Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes. Volume 65 (1), pp24-28

  • Completion of the application in full and in English.

The application deadline is Thursday 15 November 2018 – 00:00


 For any queries please do not hesitate to contact


  • Correspondence between the fellowship organizers and applicants will be primarily by email. Please ensure you have a valid personal email address that you regularly check.
  • The information you provide on this form is strictly confidential and will only be used for the purpose of this application and activities related to it.

Upload files

Please submit applications via the IAVI Fellowship website ( or email applications (including application form, motivation, reference letter and CV)