After receiving your IAVI Award Letter:

Ο   Visa (if you are not South African)

Unfortunately, DTHF are not in a position to directly help you with your Visa however, we will supply you with the following documents for your Visa application:

  • Award letter
  • Letter to South African Embassy
  • Letter confirming place of residence during your Fellowship
  • An example itinerary of your flights to Cape Town and back to your home country.

Ο   Send through a copy of your passport

Ο   Confirm with your IAVI Programme Administrator where you will be travelling from

Once you have attained your visa, sent a copy of your passport and confirmed where you will be travelling from we will book your flights to Cape Town and return to your home country. **Please note that we are unable to book an exact date for the 12 month IAVI Fellow as our travel agent can’t book flights that far in advance as these flights are not available in the system.

  • Ticket

Here are guidelines of things to consider doing before travelling:

Ο   Read IAVI Readings

Ο   Read IAVI Handbook

Things to pack:

Ο   Laptop (You will be given a laptop to use during your time here past Fellows have found it handy to have their own)

Ο   Passport

Ο   Documentation:

  • Ticket/Itinerary
  • Award letter
  • Letter to the Embassy
  • Letter for Accommodation

Upon Arrival in Cape Town:

Ο   Notify your IAVI Programme Administrator that you have arrived safely

Ο   Contact the company you are renting your accommodation from to sign your contract

Ο   Bring your contract to the office to be signed by our finance department

During your Fellowship:

Ο   Administrative tasks

  • Supplier details form
  • BAS form (make sure to bring your passport in so that we are able to make a copy of this)
  • Confidentiality form
  • Welcome meeting with Linda-Gail Bekker

Cont. of IAVI Fellow Check list

Ο   Meeting with IAVI Programme Administrator bi-monthly

Ο   Present at a DTHF Research meeting

Ο   Send your research presentation and all work accomplished to your IAVI Mentor and IAVI Programme Administrator

Ο   Write reflection on your IAVI Fellowship experience, the IAVI Workshop and feedback on how we ca improve

Ο   Last meeting with your IAVI Mentor

Ο   Last meeting with your IAVI Programme Administrator

Ο   Return your laptop

Ο   Return your access card at the end of your Fellowship

Ο   Return your keys to your accommodation