The International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) and the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation (DTHF) partnered for the IAVI Fellowship with the vision to sponsor four African Fellows who have completed a relevant Master Degree and/or have extensive experience in research and are looking to further their studies and scope in Public Health research. The aim of the Fellowship is to give the IAVI Fellows an opportunity to gain research experience in the field of HIV/TB Adolescent Research to gain implementation and writing experience. Each Fellow will be assigned to a Project and Mentor that best suits their interest and skill set, based on the opportunities available at the time of their Fellowship. This is a fully funded opportunity for the accepted delegates.

The Fellowships on offer are:

  • 1x 12 month IAVI Fellowship
  • 3x 3 month IAVI Fellowship

IAVI Fellows will be required to contribute to research endeavours such as data collection, data analysis and protocol writing. They will also gain access to other aspects of adolescent research competency, including an approach to ethics, ethics submissions, legal and logistical requirements.

The specific requirements and deliverables differ slightly for each Fellow. As a way to focus individuals towards tangible outputs, they should strive to be involved in at least one publication.

  • For the 12 month IAVI Fellowship, it is a requirement that they are involved in writing one primary paper for publication and are involved in a second paper for publication.
  • For the 3 month Fellowship, we encourage starting a paper in your time at the DTHF.

Additionally, each Fellow will also be required to achieve:

  1. At least one academic talk delivered at a DTHF research meeting
  2. An abstract for a national or international conference

At least two weeks before you leave the organisation you are required to present your work at a DTHF research meeting and write a reflection of your time at DTHF (including feedback on your research experience, feedback on the IAVI Workshop and ways in which we can improve). Once these have been completed you are eligible to receive your mentor feedback.

Many opportunities may arise during your IAVI Fellowship that you can take advantage of and many of our mentors are committed to assisting you with your work during your Fellowship and well after you have left DTHF to return to your home country. It is recommended that you keep in contact with your mentor during your Fellowship and after your Fellowship is completed for future support and collaboration.

The IAVI Fellowship provides a stepping-stone for young researchers to further their academic career and to take tangible research skills back to their home countriesto assist in lowering the level of HIV/TB burden in Africa and increase the overall quality of research globally.